COVID-19/FluA/FluB Multiplex RT-PCR detection kit (Lyophilized) – rapid test – price on request

COVID-19/FluA/FluB Multiplex RT-PCR detection kit (Lyophilized) – The clinical manifestations of the new coronavirus infection and the early signs of influenza virus infection are very similar. This kit is intended to in vitro qualitatively detect the Influenza A, Influenza B and 2019-nCoV in the throat swab and nasopharyngeal swab samples collected from cases and clustered cases suspected with novel coronavirus – infected pneumonia and others required for the diagnosis or differential diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection.

TEST TYPE: Rapid, RT-PCR, Qualitative

ERASE: from the nasopharynx / pharynx

UTILITY: in-vitro for Professional use

RESULT: in 15 minutes


SENSITIVITY:                                  97,5%


COVID-19/FluA/FluB Mix

1 ×bottle
(Lyophilized) 50 Test

dNTPs, MgCl2, Primers
, Probes,Reverse
Transcriptase,Taq DNA

6×0.2ml 8 well-strip tube
(Lyophilized) 48 Test
Positive Control 2×0.2ml tube (lyophilized) 8 Tests

Plasmid or Pseudovirus
containing FluA, FluB, N
gene specific fragments

Dissolving solution 1.5 ml Cryotube 800uL /
Negative Control 1.5 ml Cryotube 200uL 0.9%NaCl

MANUFACTURER: Shanghai Chuangkun Biotech Inc./China

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